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Diversity in Colour

The Monochrome Tech World: A Reflection of Diversity?

Colours are great, so where are they? In tech, I often see the same colours: silver and black. Is this lack of colour a result of limited diversity, or merely playing it safe? Keeping products neutral, on brand. Playing it safe. There are many potential reasons for this. I would argue that the lack of diversity is one factor worth considering.

More diversity brings a wider array of perspectives. With more perspectives comes more opportunity for expression, more willingness to challenge the well-trodden path.

Fear of Expression

Neutral colours like black, silver, and white are safe. They fit in with most other colours. As their names suggest, they are neutral, average. They don’t necessarily stand out; they lack personality. Personality, which we all have, is often missing. I think given the choice, a large number of people would love to have a solid red laptop rather than black or silver. I know I would.

Market Demand or Market Creation?

Are we just catering to the market? The type of people who want a black or silver laptop? The market decides what we sell, right? If it is indeed catering to the market, how did we get this particular market? It seems to me there is a cycle here which feeds itself. If we produce a single colour of a laptop which is used in the industry, the industry will attract people who are drawn to that particular colour.

Of course, there is the brand image of a company. Maybe it is in line with the brand image to have that one colour. Though, what perspective was that brand image born from?

Embracing Colour: A Step Towards Diversity in Tech

If diversity and colour are linked, we can track an element of diversity in the industry by the literal amount of colour. And it looks like there is still a severe lack of diversity in the industry.

So what else is there to do but to be bold and throw around some colour.